The best way to connect the synchronization is to find the analog signal from the RPM gauge and connect the purple wire from the VIBERIDER controller box to the RPM gauge signal . Another option is to connect the purple wire from controller box to the negative side of your coil.
VibeRider works on all bikes! The only requirement is the seat must have a minimum of 1 1/8” of foam.
Yes, but if so, we recommend that you put a separate on/off switch for each of the VIBERIDERS. The reasoning is that they will get hotter faster due to the drawing of more ampage. With both vibrators turned on, the entire seat will vibrate and may cause the vibration to not be a centralized pulsation. It is up to you if it feels like it is hitting the happy spot specifically.
Check the 2 amp inline fuse which allows power, if it blew there is a reason why . For example, it could be a wire that is crushed under the seat or the vibrator motor shorted out due to overextended usage. If the fuse is blown, it can be replaced with either a 2, 3 or 5 amp mini fuse , NO MORE than 5.
Check the purple wired connection from Controller Box to the bike, or re-adjust the white synchronization knob on Controller Box.
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